The price of a solar panel depends on its size, type and brand, because of this it is difficult to indicate a specific price for the equipment, also to the final price of the system we have to add the price of the inverter, solar structure, electric equipment and labour cost.

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For residences, if the electric bill is catalogued as DAC tariff, then definitely you are a candidate to acquire solar panels. For business, if your bill is already over 3 thousands pesos then you should consider installing a solar system. If your tariff is in medium tension, we recommend you to contact us since they need a deeper analysis.

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During the day, the sunlight impacts on the surface of the solar panel which transforms the light energy into electric energy, then this energy is sent to the inverter or micro inverters, these devices connect the produced energy to the power grid so that it can be used by your electrical appliances.

No, the on-grid systems we provide depend on a functional CFE grid in order to protect CFE’s personnel in case they are doing maintenance somewhere, but also to protect your equipment if there is voltage variation supplied by CFE grid.

All the equipment que sell have a product warranty of at least 10 years, however their life spam is over 20 years, so you will be sure of enjoying their benefits for a long time.

There are a lot of brands, prices and quality levels in the market. It is important when comparing our proposal with those of other companies to check that if they are not quoting the same brands of equipment and structure, at least their products have the same certifications and tests that ours, that the brands are from well-known companies with operation in the country, and that the company that will install the systems is certified and trained in the photovoltaic industry.