Design and dimensioning of on-grid photovoltaic systems

We do a thorough analysis of your electric consumption and your specific needs to determine the amount of solar panels you require, based on it we design the system by following the best practices and always taking care that the installation goes in harmony with the architecture of the site.

Product sale

We sell only the best brands in the market that comply with the required both national and international certifications. All of our equipment and accessories are specified for solar panel systems, and with the best warranty of the market.


Our installations are performed according to the current regulations and codes, following the best practices and with the professionalism required by our clients. Our team is fully qualified and trained in photovoltaic installations so you have no doubt that you are receiving the best work possible. All of our installations have a warranty up to 5 years.

Monitoring & analysis

One of the benefits of being our client is that you are going to be sure that your system is always functioning properly, day by day we monitor that all of our installations are fully operational, all of this at no extra cost for you.


We count with attractive maintenance plans that will maintain your equipment in optimal conditions so you can ensure the best production performance of your system and the validity of its warranties.

Commissioning and repairs

Do you already have solar panels but having problems with them? … Come to us, we can help you with a technical review of your system in order to found the problem and repair it so you can fully enjoy your investment.